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Updated: Jan 4, 2023


This strategic partnership between event organisers and brands provides huge potential to showcase products. Stadium events offer brands a select audience and an opportunity to provide fans with more channels to engage with both their teams and sponsors whilst at the same time it provides a funnel for brands to collect leads, gain followers and generate revenue. Innovative marketing strategies are a key part of customer engagement to catch attention and evoke emotion. Rewarding fans with highly visible interactive sponsorship exposure and direct experiences within a sports venue or event drives visibility and awareness for your sponsors’ brand while elevating the live sports experience. When launching a new product or driving an awareness campaign, brands need to seek multiple marketing channels to engage customers, catch their attention, evoke emotion, and gain as much attention and sales as possible. Stadium sponsorship offers one such opportunity to capture a new, highly appealing target audience. Mixing sports simulators within a live sports environment is a fabulous way to engage sports fans. Visually engaging graphics accompanied by a sponsor’s logo and messaging creates a powerful response by appealing to sports fans emotions. Consistent visual cues and a positive association between the brand and the live sports experience provides an engaging connection between the fans and the sponsor’s brand. Sports simulators can transform hospitality areas, fan zones and activations into an immersive experience for guests to enjoy. The reason why the sports simulator model fits perfectly in this marketing strategy is down to the detail. The simulator hosts a wide range of sports. Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Baseball and Cricket make up just a few of the 60 sports currently available. With over 3,500 venues created within the simulator and over 1,500 challenges, the simulator is extremely versatile and can be configured to suit any experience. In-Play Sponsorship such as video walls, stadium banners, pitch advertising and product placement is also available to tailor the simulator to a sponsor’s brand making it an excellent choice for customer engagement. Both permanent installations for fan hubs and engagement zones are available as well as customised simulators for hires for specific events and road shows.


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