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Residential Communities are competing in a very lucrative marketplace, normally within the centre of famous cities. Typically, these are high rise developments that offer uninterrupted views of famous iconic landmarks. Offering the very highest Five-Star resident facilities normally including a swimming pool, gymnasium, health spa, business lounge and landscaped communal gardens. In highly secured 24-hour concierge with underground parking, so the residents feel safe and relaxed. The highest standards of living experience are offered, enticing wealthy individuals who are paying for the privilege. Apartments are built to an incredibly high quality, with residents often co-designing the layout to meet their own specific requirements. Normally the developments are situated beside a plethora of exciting retail and commercial offices, to make lifestyles even more enjoyable. Award winning restaurants, famous entertainments and iconic landmarks are often in close proximity, ensuring the apartments are highly sought after within the city. A variety of Sports are normally offered to attract residents, however due to the high value of the real estate, there is often a trade-off. With many developers offering just a single Sport such as a Golf Simulator, so appealing to the minimum number of residents.