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Updated: Jan 4, 2023


Sports Stadiums and Arenas when they are redesigned in the modern era are normally iconic looking buildings. That prove to be fully utilised on the 30+ match days, with the club’s retail store driving decent match day revenues, but the club’s retail store is generally underutilised on the 330+ non-match days. Whilst Stadium Tours are reasonable popular throughout the year, without interactive activities of the Stadium, they are not as popular as they should be. Stadium Museums are good at displaying the club’s historical past achievements, but without being fully interactive, are not able to fully engage fans within the current stadium or the previous stadium. Club Sponsors are not currently able to maximise their Brand Awareness with Supporters, as only expensive one-off Fan Activations are possible. Without having unique Game Challenges, brands are not being promoted year-round, which is minimising the financial benefits for Club Sponsors.


It is important for Stadiums to entice customers to visit their Club Store on a regular basis, so that they are able to spend more, on the latest range of Sportswear and Footwear. By increasing the number of customers, who will decide to stay loyal to a particular brand, the Sports Brand will be more than willing to support the Stores Retailer. By offering an In-Store Activation that will “re-enact” a current major Sporting Event, so that Customer’s will wish to visit the Store, to play within the “Team’s Stadium”, trying out the latest Game Challenge. By locating an In-Store Activation this will enable friends to engage in fun, with Today’s Sporting Event, which will have been reasonable publicised. Whilst will the help of the Sales Staff, the friends are getting further into “The Brand”, that has probably just invested in marketing costs, at the event. This ensures that the Sports Store and the Sporting Brand both gain maximum benefit, from these marketing tools, whilst gaining a continually vibrant store, that is a pleasure to shop in.


By installing a Surround HD or Premium UHD Sports Simulator, the “Ultimate Stadium Activation”, is ensured as it will be continually updated. So that a 3D interactive version of the Club’s Stadium, is fully playable by the team’s own supporters. Utilising lots of different Game Challenges, the entire Stadium becomes vibrant, as supporters are regularly engaged with, easy to run In-Store Competitions, Training and being Entertained. Free of Charge Upgrades ensures continually added Future Game Challenges, so that the Stadiums Club Store, Stadium Tours, Stadium Hotel, Club Lounges and Stadium Museum. Stadiums can choose which Game Challenges appear on what Simulators, so fans will want to visit each and every Stadium Activation, ensuring that Sponsors Brands and being maximised fully. Current Stadium Sports include Football, Gridiron, Rugby Union, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Rugby League, Foot Golf, Miniature Golf, Contest Golf, Aussie Rules, Field Hockey, Gaelic Football, Bandy with many more Sporting Venues under development.


After much research the Ultimate Brand Loyalty, has been developed for the Sports Industry. Ensuring that Stadium Club Stores, Stadium Tours, Club Lounges and Stadium Musuems can easily have the “Ultimate Brand Activation” Ensuring supporters are enticed to the Stadium on a more regular basis, to play inside their own Teams’ Stadium and have their Brand Loyalty Guaranteed for Life! - with 10 Seamless Steps.

1) Vicky fills out her Playing Card, name, email and telephone number.

2) Vicky kicks 3 shots inside her own Teams’ Stadium.

3) Controller enters Vicky’s details to her own Player Performance.

4) Controller prints out and presents Vicky with her Certificate of Achievement.

5) Vicky leaves the Stadium with her Certificate of Achievement.

6) Controller emails Vicky with her Certificate of Achievement.

7) Vicky shares with all her friends on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter.

8) Vicky pins her Achievement to her bedroom wall, ensuring her Club & Brand Loyalty.

9) Vicky’s Friends go to the Stadium Store to get their own Player Performance.

10) Store Marketing emails Vicky the latest In-Store Promotions; Vicky Buys more Goods.

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