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Updated: Jan 4, 2023


A Bostonian themed restaurant that offers customers a wide variety of American food,

from steaks, ribs, hamburgers, chilli, meat balls, tacos and burritos within a welcoming atmosphere is enticing those seeking a few drinks and good food whilst watching top sporting events throughout the day. The entertainment offered ensures there are huge draws, bringing customers into the restaurant on a daily basis, often for birthday parties, anniversaries, business meetings, workshops and team building. Normally this achieves a decent revenue with 40% food, 40% drink and a 20% gaming revenue. The Sporting Entertainment includes bowling lanes, laser tag, curling, pool tables, baseball cages, go-karts and simulators. The Surround Super Simulator in-particular encourages sporting fans to play numerous sports on famous stadiums, arenas, venues and courses from around the world. By having nearly 600 enhanced game challenges and free regular software updates with new challenges, the events manager can run several fresh competitions. It is recommended to connect the Sports, Golf, Racing and Shooting Simulators with cashless payment. This friendly concept is easily replicated within most city centres, leisure facilities, shopping centres, airports, arenas and hotels.

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