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Family Entertainment Centres have in recent years proved to be a lot more popular than one attraction venues, such as water parks, skate parks, bowling alleys, arcade centres, indoor golf and billiard halls. FEC’s vary vastly from a mixture of redemption games, amusement rides, bowling, mini-golf, pool tables, virtual simulators, gaming machines, laser tag,

go-karts, bumper cars, trampoline, soft play, karaoke, food and beverages.

Facilities have varying success depending on what is actually installed, the cosmetic layout, the actual location, operators marketing ability, the time of year and the operational hours. Some operators are very successful, whilst others are less so, what currently works is offering a wide variety of activities, to a wide age group and appealing to both sexes.

Currently there is a large void within town centres, that have been particularly affected by shoppers now buying online