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Squash was invented in 1830 at Harrow School in England, it soon became popular spreading to other schools, once outdoor courts were developed as well. There was even a Squash Court on G-Deck for first class passengers, on the fatal RMS Titanic in 1912. It was not until 1928 that the Squash Rackets Association formed the rules and regulations though. Squash is played by 2 or 4 players, with matches generally taking around 1 to 3 hours. The first player(s) to reach 11 points wins each set, with there being 5 sets per match.

Research shows that the sport is good for burning calories, providing good upper and lower body exercise, for players. It is an inappropriate form of exercise for anyone over 50, as there is a high rate of fatal cardiac arrest, especially for anyone suffering heart disease. The court dimensions are standardised as stated beneath the drawing. As of 2009 there were 49,908 squash courts in the world, with 188 countries having at least one court. England has the greatest number of courts at 8,500, followed by Germany, Egypt, United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, France, the Netherlands, and Spain. Today, The United States has the fastest growing squash participation. There are an estimated 20 million squash players worldwide.