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Welcome to Sports Simulator, your go-to destination for the most exciting, interactive, and realistic golfing experience – the Contest Golf Simulator. For both golf enthusiasts and professional golfers, our golf simulator offers an opportunity to test your skills and precision in a virtual, target-based golf setting similar to Top Golf.

Our Contest Golf Simulator is powered by innovative technology, combining high-speed cameras, photo-metric technology, and infrared lighting to capture every nuance of your swing and the ball's flight trajectory. Recording up to 200 frames per second, we ensure a precise representation of your game, from your swing path and launch angle to ball spin and impact speed.

The Contest Golf Simulation Software that drives our simulator offers an immersive, customisable gaming environment. You can select various targets, challenges and compete against friends. This versatility makes it an exciting addition to any event or sports centre.

In addition to being a thrilling form of entertainment, our simulator also serves as an effective coaching tool. Our real-time feedback and comprehensive data analytics enable golfers to refine their techniques and develop a better understanding of their game. Golf coaches can utilise our simulator to provide targeted guidance and assess improvements over time using the GPS or GSX Golf Simulator.

Notably, the Sports Simulator's Contest Golf Simulator also features a multiplayer option. Bring together friends, family, or competitors and enjoy target golf in a fun, competitive setting. Users can operate the game quickly thanks to a touchscreen interface with real-time feedback, making it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels

Beyond golf, the Sports Simulator boasts a broad platform of over 60 sports simulations, including football, basketball, tennis and cricket. This range makes it an attractive investment for establishments seeking to cater to a wide variety of sports enthusiasts.

Experience the challenge and satisfaction of targeted golf with our Contest Golf Simulator. With true-to-life graphics, accurate ball flight physics and competitive game-play, Sports Simulator brings a unique, exciting golfing experience that takes your game to a whole new level.

Join the countless professional athletes, golf coaching centres and sports enthusiasts who have elevated their golf game with our simulator. If you're ready to experience the thrill of contest golf in a virtual setting, contact us today to learn more about the Sports Simulator.

Immerse yourself in the excitement, refine your strategy and perfect your swing - bring the golf range to your location with Sports Simulator. Ready to tee off? Let's hit the targets!

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