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All major ball sports now have the ability to compare every player’s analysed performance, for all training game challenges. Coaches can database all players whether in the first team, second team, academy or junior squads, to work on training sessions within their own virtual sporting stadium. Managers will quickly know which players are currently delivering the best performance from specific in-game challenges, ensuring that their own team's performance on match day is at the optimum, giving the club even better results. By databasing every player, their current and past performances are directly compared either with their own or with other players, for that specific in-game challenge.

Sports Simulator 60+ Playable Sports


3,500+ Sports Stadiums playable across 70+ countries, all the Top Venues from around the world are playable on the choice of 2 Sports. Select your preferred Sport, Country, Stadium and compete on over 1,500 Game Challenges.