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Footgolf, the sport that no one ever knew they needed but now cannot live without, is now available as one of our simulator options.

Our foot golf simulator incorporates all the activity and interaction of football with the elegance and class of golf. While the aim is to get the ball into the hoe (or cup in this case), the player needs to kick the ball into the designated hole with as little kicks as possible. So, in essence, it’s a giant version of golf where the club has been replaced with a foot and the golf ball with a football. It may sound incredibly strange, but it has become increasingly popular – probably for that very reason.

In order to prevent harm to the golf course, a special ball is used, and you cannot use normal soccer or rugby togs. You still need to dress as you would playing golf, with the exception of the shoes – only indoor soccer shoes are allowed on the course.

Our foot golf simulator has access to over 100 golf course worldwide, leaving you spoilt with a choice of options when it comes to deciding where to play. You can choose one of our challenge modes or entre into a contest against your friends and family.

You can practice your kicking technique – medium kicks for chipping and gentle kicks for putting. The game has proven to be tremendous amounts of fun and is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of golf.

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