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Updated: Feb 17, 2023


Sports Retail Stores are generally located within town centres, or out of town shopping malls. Stores are designed by professionals to ensure that the most popular local sports labels are offered for men, women, boys and girls. Retail Stores offer a wide range of branded sports clothing and footwear, for the most popular sports played and supported within the local region. Cosmetically, stores look very attractive; appealing to both sexes and a wide range of age groups. Youth will often visit many different sports retail stores and buy different branded products, until they become hooked on a specific retailer and brand(s). Buying decisions will be influenced by sporting heroes / heroines, latest trends, friend’s advice, cosmetic appearance, discounts and general mood. In the first years of sports brand purchasing, there can be a randomness in the buying decision. However, once customers have decided on a preferred brand or team, they a likely to stay loyal for life, which has major financial benefits, for the Sports Retailer.


It is important for retailers to entice customers to visit their Sports Store on a regular basis, so that they are able to spend more, on the latest range of Sportswear and Footwear.

By increasing the number of customers, who decide to stay loyal to a particular brand,

the Sports Brand will be more than willing to support the Stores Retailer. By offering an

In-Store Activation that “re-enacts” a current major Sporting Event, customer’s will wish to visit the Store, to play within the “Team’s Stadium” and try out the latest game challenge.

By locating an In-Store Activation this will enable friends to engage in fun with Today’s Sporting Event, which will have been publicised. With the help of the Sales Staff, customers are drawn further into “The Brand”. Thus ensuring that the Sports Store and the Sporting Brand both gain maximum benefit, from this marketing tool, whilst gaining a vibrant store, that is a pleasure to shop in.


By installing a Surround HD or Premium UHD Sports Simulator, the “Ultimate Brand Activation”, is ensured as it will be continually updated. All the most popular local ball sports, using all the leading Stadiums are playable. By utilising lots of different game challenges, the store becomes vibrant, as customers are regularly engaged with, easy to run In-Store Competitions. Sports such as Football, Gridiron, Rugby Union, Cricket, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Rugby League, Aussie, Field Hockey, Gaelic Football, Foot Golf, Miniature Golf, Contest Golf or Handball. Free of Charge Upgrades ensures other Future Sports; Archery, Bandy, Bowling, Curling, Dodgeball, Floorball, Futsal, Hurling, Korfball, Lacrosse, Netball, Softball and Volleyball are playable too.


After much research the Ultimate Brand Loyalty, has been developed for the Sports Industry. Ensuring that Stadium Club Stores, Stadium Tours, Club Lounges and Stadium Musuems can easily have the “Ultimate Brand Activation” Ensuring supporters are enticed to the Stadium on a more regular basis, to play inside their own Teams’ Stadium and have their Brand Loyalty Guaranteed for Life! - with 10 Seamless Steps.

1) Vicky fills out her Playing Card, name, email and telephone number.

2) Vicky kicks 3 shots inside her own Teams’ Stadium.

3) Controller enters Vicky’s details to her own Player Performance.

4) Controller prints out and presents Vicky with her Certificate of Achievement.

5) Vicky leaves the Stadium with her Certificate of Achievement.

6) Controller emails Vicky with her Certificate of Achievement.

7) Vicky shares with all her friends on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter.

8) Vicky pins her Achievement to her bedroom wall, ensuring her Club & Brand Loyalty.

9) Vicky’s Friends go to the Stadium Store to get their own Player Performance.

10) Store Marketing emails Vicky the latest In-Store Promotions; Vicky Buys more Goods.

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