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Scotland’s premiere permanent racing track is a short, tight affair with over 200m of elevation change, 5 varying layouts (including running counter-clockwise), and guarantees pure fun every time you blast out of the pits. Built single-handedly by motorsport enthusiast and farmer Tom Kinnaird on his own land by digging out the face of a hill and following an old disused railway line, the circuit opened its doors in ’72 and was an immediate hit. By the ’80s there was a plan to host the first-ever Scottish F1 race here which led to expansion and modernisation. When that dream never materialised, further funding in the ’90s was required to elevate Knockhill into one of the UK’s most beloved circuits, with British Touring Cars and other national series now making this track a key part of the calendar. A busy track with a lot of elevation changes, being quick here will require skill, courage, and mature race craft.

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A stunning rip through the Scottish countryside is always an adventure, and this track that rushes around a gorgeous little loch and through the undulating hills of the Highlands is in a league of its own. It’s mostly really fast sweepers and straights and favours cars with big torque and top speeds, and once you learn your way around, it’s about the best place you’ll ever find to take out a supercar on a chilly morning in the autumn. Fast, demanding, and beautiful, motoring doesn’t get better than this.

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