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Street racing in Shanghai can trace its history back to 2004 when the German DTM crowd came to town. They returned in 2010 for their season-ending race. That layout was built out in the Pudong district and served up quite a treat for fans and drivers alike. These days, motorsport is catered for at the purpose-built track down the motorway, but in Project CARS 3, you’ll get a chance to experience racing through the streets of one of the world’s greatest cities and through some iconic scenery.

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Fast, flat, wide, smooth, and challenging for both drivers and brake temps, Zhuhai was the semi-official home of China’s burgeoning motorsport scene way before this permanent facility was built. In ’93, Zhuhai hosted an official street race that proved massively popular with fans and racing teams alike, and by ’96, the crew who built the F1 track in Adelaide had laid the foundations for China’s first fully FIA sanctioned racetrack. With motorsport teams from Hong Kong to Macau calling this track home, and international races from around the world using the venue, the Zhuhai track is now one of Asia’s premiere venues and a highlight of top-tier motorsport series from around the world.

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