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Barcelona North

Barcelona plays their basketball matches here, winning 1 Intercontinental Cup, 2 FIBA Saporta Cups, 2 Euro Leagues, 18 Spanish Championships and 6 Spanish Super Cups. The Palau Blaugrana also hosts futsal.

Barcelona South

Barcelona South is an indoor sporting arena and multi-purpose installation that is part of the Olympic Ring complex located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was one of the main venues of the 1992 Summer Olympics hosting the artistic gymnastics, handball final, and volleyball final events.


Guadalajara Palacio is an arena in Guadalajara, Spain. It is primarily used for basketball, volleyball, handball and futsal. The capacity of the arena is 5,894 people. It was a venue for the 2013 World Men's Handball Championship.

Madrid North

Madrid North plays their basketball matches here, winning 5 Intercontinental Cups, 4 FIBA Saporta Cups, 9 Euro Leagues, 33 Spanish Championships and 4 Spanish Super Cups. The WiZink Center hosts another team.

Madrid South

Madrid South plays their basketball matches here, winning 3 Spanish Cups the team was established in 1948. The WiZink Center also hosts the most another team basketball team in Spain.


Victoria-Gasteiz plays their basketball matches here, winning 3 Spanish Championships, 6 Spanish Cups, 4 Spanish Super Cups and 1 FIBA Saporta Cup. The Fernando Buesa Arena also hosts boxing and martial arts.


Zaragoza is an arena in Zaragoza, Spain. Opened on 17 April 1990, the arena holds 10,744 people. It is primarily used for basketball and handball. The arena hosted the 1990 and 1995 Euro League Final Fours, as well as the 1999 Saporta Cup Final.

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