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Fast, technical, and challenging, this unique track in the desert dunes sets the scene for the global motorsport calendar every year with its always anticipated season opening 24-hour GT race. An impressive accomplishment for a track that only opened its gates in 2004. With its cathedral-sized run-offs and difficult to read apexes, the track’s limits can be happily explored no matter which of its 4 layouts you choose to race on. Add to that favourable weather and full FIA-sanctioning, and the Dubai Autodrome plays host to pretty much every single top-tier motorsport series in the world. It’s also a tough track to get right; the line here is sometimes difficult to understand, especially up through some of its blind crests. Best case? Find someone quick and hang onto their tailpipes for a few laps because often the logical lines through the fast bits are not the fastest way around here.

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