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There’s nothing much left now aside from the ruins, but go back a few decades, and you’d have found one of the world’s greatest racing tracks on this stretch of tree-lined road on the outskirts of Rouen. It was fast, dangerous, unforgiving … and not a little sinister. The downhill section from the pits—more a slalom run than anything else—down to the cobbled hairpin at Nouveau Monde was where legends were born. Down that hill with no lift—that’s what will always define a driver. World Champion Denny Hulme recalled many years later that drivers would watch the competition power past the pits and then listen for the tell-tale whisper of a trembling foot, an uncertain hesitation as the cars edged through Six Frères. Clark, Gurney, Fangio—none of those guys ever lifted. Or so they said … back then, of course, there was no telemetry to make a liar of a driver. Are you ready for the ultimate test of your skill and courage?

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There are four tracks here that wind their way around the blue waters of the Med’ and then head up into the mountains. The full circuit is a long ride that will pose all sorts of challenges for machine and driver. A supercar will probably get you up and down in under 8 minutes, but only if you learn your way through the twisties and don’t stop for a picnic. This is an ideal location to experience the true performance of a supercar.

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