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Berlin was used for NFL Europe matches by Berlin Thunder, winning 3 World Bowls. Olympiastadion Berlin hosted 6 games during the 2006 World Cup, 1974 World Cup and the 2015 Champions League Final.


Frankfurt was used for NFL Europe matches by Frankfurt Galaxy, winning 4 World Bowls. The Commerzbank Arena hosted 5 games at 2006 World Cup, 5 games at 1974 World Cup and 2011 Women's World Cup.


Hannover is used for regular team football in the German league, located in Hannover. The Niedersachsen Stadion hosted 5 matches during the 2006 World Cup and 4 matches during the 1974 World Cup.


Munich is used for regular team football, by Germany's most famous football team. The stadium has also played host to NFL Gridiron, to two of the top teams in the league.

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